Aunt Anna's Box: Anna Frances Britt, 1885-1965

What's in Aunt Anna's Box, and How We Got It

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The Limestone Britts and the Stony Point Gilmores and Sloans

1907-1965: Limestone Township, Pennsylvania House

When Anna Frances Britt, 1885-1965 was born on February 17, 1885, in Corsica, Pennsylvania, her father, rev. Franklin Pierce Britt, was 31, and her mother, Jeanette Ralston Britt (1852-1930), was 32. Anna had three brothers and one sister. She died in 1965 in Limestone, Pennsylvania, at the age of 80. Her brother Robert Ralston Britt was born when she was two, in 1887, and her other brother, Jean McBride, was born in 1888. The other two children died in childhood.

The family lived at least some of the time at 11484 E Reidsburg Rd, Clarion, PA, near the unincorporated town of Limestone (see photos section below) after the premature 1907 death of their husband and father Franklin Pierce Britt (1853-1907). Surviving rev. Britt were Anna, her mother Jeanette, and brothers Robert Ralston, who married in 1912, and Jean McBride Britt, who served in the Army in Europe in World War 1, probably about 1917.

Anna Frances Britt at Stony Point (Haverstraw) New York

After her father's death, Anna and her mother, and other Britt family members including her brother Robert R Britt, often visited Anna's great aunt on her mother's side, Anna Byers Yates Gilmore (1831-?) and Anna Gilmore's husband, reverend John (J.S.) Gilmore (1831-1903). (The spelling of the name sometimes includes a final "e", sometimes not.) The Gilmores lived in a fine house in Stony Point, New York, near Haverstraw, New York in Rockland county on the Hudson River north of New York City. They employed an Irish servant named Delia Boyle.

John Gilmore and His Children with Catherine Sloane Gilmore

Rev. John Scott Lee Gilmore had five children including three daughters by his previous marriage to Catherine Sloan Gilmor, who died in 1890. According to the 1880 census, John and Catherine were living at the time in Manhattan on 52nd street in a household headed by Hannah Sloane, Catherine's elder sister. Siblings of John Gilmore also lived there, along with the Sloans and a few servents. John Gilmore was a native of what is now West Virginia. When he was born in about 1830, the area was still part of Virginia, located just souith of Wheelingm on the Ohio River.

By the 1860s, John Gilmore was a clergyman. He and members of his family, including his wife Catherine (Sloane) Gilmore and three young daughters, somewhow wound up living in the Sloane household in Manahattan. The Sloanes were mostly listed in the 1880 census as being born in Ireland. It seems likely that the family were Presbyterians who had emigrated to the Uniteds States by the early 19th century. According to Wikipedia's article on Presbyterianism (see the section on Ireland):

Presbyterianism (Irish: Preispitéireachas) is the largest Protestant denomination in Northern Ireland and the second largest on the island of Ireland (after the Anglican Church of Ireland), and was brought by Scottish plantation settlers to Ulster who had been strongly encouraged to emigrate by James VI of Scotland, also James I of Ireland and England. An estimated 100,000 Scottish Presbyterians moved to the northern counties of Ireland between 1607 and the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The Presbytery of Ulster was formed in 1642 separately from the established Anglican Church. Presbyterians, along with Roman Catholics in Ulster and the rest of Ireland, suffered under the discriminatory Penal Laws until they were revoked in the early 19th century. Presbyterianism is represented in Ireland by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland, the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. "
John Gilmore and Anna Byers Yates Marriage

At some point between 1880 and 1890, the Gilmors moved up the Hudson River to the Stony Point / Haverstraw New York area. In 1892, John S. Gilmore married Anna Frances Britt's great aunt, Anna Byers Yates when the couple both were about 59 years old, and the couple lived together with his three daughters, Sarah Gilmore (17), Martha Lee Gilmore (25), and Mary Sloan Gilmore (31)

From the Gilmor Sloan House website:

"In 1885, the property was owned by the family of a Presbyterian Pastor – Rev. John Gilmor. His daughters lived in the house their entire lives. In 1949, they willed the property to the National Mission Agency of the Presbyterian Church." The Gilmor Sloane House: History"

Webpage with photos of the Gilmore Sloane House at Stony Point Center, Stony Point, New York

Gilmor Sloane House, Stony Point, New York
Gilmor Sloane house, Stony Point / Harverstraw, New York

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Aunt Anna's House in Limestone Township, PA, in 2002,the day we received the box; Beth Marlor, Chuck Britt, and the current owner.
Aunt Anna's House in Limestone Township, PA, in 2002, the day we received the box; Beth Marlor, Chuck Britt, and the current owner. The house is at 11484 E Reidsburg Rd, Clarion, PA near the unincorporated town of Limestone.
Aunt Anna's box contents
Aunt Anna's box contents spread out on a table. June, 2021

Probably Anna Frances Britt
Probably Anna Frances Britt
Probably Anna Britt and her mother Jeanette Ralston Britt
Probably Anna Britt and her mother Jeanette Ralston Britt

Adobe Acrobat Anna Britt turns 17 in 1902

Adobe Acrobat Anna high school commencement in Corsica, PA, 1903

Adobe Acrobat Anna is home from Grove City College, 1906

Adobe Acrobat Anna Britt sees a concert in New York city with the Gilmores in 1907

Adobe Acrobat Anna on the way home to Haverstraw, NY, 1909

Adobe Acrobat Anna Britt recovers from tonsilitis, 1933

Adobe Acrobat Eulogy for Anna Frances Britt, 1885-1965