The First American Britt
Robert Britt was a Scots-Irish boat builder and sailor who came to Philadelphia  from Ireland probably in the 1760s or so.  He was born in 1746.  His son Robert Britt Sr., moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania around 1811, when his father disappeared at sea.  Robert Britt Sr. married Mary Lloyd.  He was a carpenter.  The couple also named their son, born in 1805, Robert.  This third Robert married Asenath Greenlee.  They had a large farm near Smithfield, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  One of their sons, born in 1853, was named Frank P. Britt.  Frank P. Britt became a Presbyterian minister.  He named one of his sons Robert Ralston Britt.  Robert Ralston Britt was born in 1887.  One of his sons (the last) was named Charles Hamilton Britt, born in 1921.  I am C.H. Britt's son.  My name is Robert R. Britt.  That makes me the seventh generation from the Scots Irish Boat builder. 

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